The Gauntlet

Fellow firearms owners, a gauntlet has been laid before us.  If the Liberals win this federal election, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FIREARMS.  PERIOD.  This is a fact.

Don’t believe it? Consider:

The liberals have drawn a line in the sand, equating responsible firearms ownership and use with criminal activity.  Their crime reduction policies have failed, with increased criminal use of firearms, knives and rental vehicles.  
So now the liberals, trying to save face, are blaming YOU for crime committed with firearms. 
Never before has a Canadian governing party had the tenacity to take such drastic measures (and announce them ahead of time).  Not even the Chretien 1992/5 changes to the 1970’s firearms act had implications as drastic and far reaching as what we see before us today.  Worse, if the liberals win, they will be emboldened to go even further next time.
FACT:  If the liberals are re-elected, they have promised to: 
  • BAN “Assault Style” rifles (which will morph into all semi-autos) 
  • Enable the BANNING of handguns across the country and 
  • Require central storage of firearms.
No matter what type of firearm you own, you WILL be affected


PAY ATTENTION all you firearms owners who think “oh, banning handguns/ARs is ok.  I don’t have any and I don’t care.
Rifle sports using the most common rifle platform (AR) will cease to exist.  All handgun sports will cease or be significantly curtailed.  
This would cripple the sport shooting industry in Canada, since these frequent competitions and training are the primary economic drivers of the market for ammunition, accessories, new firearms, training etc.  Retailers who cater to the firearms community would fail, and close up shop because of lack of economic viability.  
Then Mr. I-don’t-have-them-so-don’t-care, where will you get your duck loads?  If you even still can, they will surely be harder to find and at a very premium price to make the business economical for the few remaining retailers. It will be more expensive and more difficult for you to enjoy the shooting sports.
If that’s not enough to convince you consider this (the REAL danger):

“Central storage” is the insidious secret genius of this plan  

The federal liberal government will be writing the rules, and they could easily say “One secure central storage facility per province” 
In Ontario, imagine they decide that it is located at CFB Borden (west of Barrie).  It’s central, secure (how much more secure could you get than a military base?) and it’s under the DIRECT CONTROL OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (DND).  
They could set, enforce and revise access restrictions at any time. (Days/Hours etc). Making it unworkable to access your firearms.

AND who do you think will pay for these secure storage facilities
Not the taxpayers at large, YOU, the firearms owner will pay the bill directly.  
Once created, what’s to stop the federal government from setting storage fees at $1,000 per firearm per year?  Or maybe lower, but then increasing by 50% per year as costs escalate. Remember the long gun registry costs?
Central storage alone could decimate responsible law-abiding firearms ownership in Canada.  The insidiousness is, the federal liberal government could then “honestly” say, that “firearms can still be owned in Canada”, so they won’t be seen guilty of destroying our heritage and sports; rather firearms owners will be forced to give up their firearms due to the unbearable costs and impractical access restrictions.


Even if you don’t care about your firearms, think of your children and grandchildren being denied the heritage and sports of our country.
Don’t think that years down the road some future government will restore the firearms the Liberals will take away this time.  
Restoring gun rights, returning firearms, decreasing the legal burden on firearms ownership are untenable and unpalatable and a political suicide pill to future prospective governments.
Look at how little the last conservative government was able to do on the firearms file.  Very far from turning back the Chretien/Rock abomination.
CALL TO ACTION:  Strategic voting.

The only way to prevent this is to DEFEAT the LIBERALS.  
Which doesn’t necessarily mean vote conservative especially in Ontario and especially in golden horseshoe and south western Ontario.
You must vote in your riding to defeat the liberal by voting for whoever has the best chance of beating the liberal.  That might be NDP or even Green.  If you want to keep your guns you must vote strategically to DEFEAT LIBERALS.  
Before you vote, check the website: for current polling data, and to make an informed decision on whom to vote for to defeat liberals in your riding.

No other party policies or promises matter in this election if you want to keep your firearms.
What should you do?
  1. Vote in the advance polls, and then volunteer to help others get out to vote.  Getting out the vote is the #1 way to make a difference. (Go to to find your local riding association and contact them to volunteer to help – even a few hours of help can make a difference.)
  2. Talk to all your family and friends, especially those in the 18-35 age group, use your personal influence and their respect for you.  Explain to them the crisis firearms ownership faces if the Liberals are re-elected and ask (beg?) them to vote to defeat liberals.  Explain the need for strategic voting: voting for whoever has the best chance of defeating the liberal in that riding.  Implore them to forego the “vote your conscience” idealism, and instead vote where their vote will make the difference.  Help friends and family (especially those who aren’t web savvy) to make their strategic vote choice for their riding by researching on their behalf.
  3. Do the same with your co-workers, church members, social club members etc.  Get the word out and convince everyone you can.
  4. Implore those who would vote for the third or fourth place candidate to instead “make their vote count” by voting for the candidate that will defeat the liberal.
Vote for the candidate who will defeat the incumbent liberal in your riding or vote for the incumbent Conservative, and convince everyone you can to do the same.
Either that or get ready to get our guns out of your secure storage, and package them up for the liberals to come and pickup.  Make no bones about it, if the liberals form the next government, they will be coming.
Not convinced?
Sounds like too much work? 
You’re just one person?

A final thought:  (You are more powerful thank you think)
Firearms owners make up roughly 9% of those eligible to vote in Canada. 
Voter turnout (how many actually vote) over the past 5 elections averages 62%.
If the other 40% of firearms owners, who didn’t vote, vote this time, firearms owners could effectively make up 12% of those voting. 
If each licensed firearm owner gets just two friends out to vote to DEFEAT LIBERALS, (friends who wouldn’t have voted that way otherwise) 
THAT COULD MEAN AS MUCH AS 36% of the votes in the election.
Just two people each.
You can do that.
Can’t you?
Surely you know 2 people who respect you but don’t vote, or usually vote liberal.
Post election
Once we firearms owners make it past this gauntlet take the time and make the effort to share your passion and enjoyment of the shooting sports and outdoors by making a personal commitment to bring 1 new person into the shooting sports each year.  Place a special focus on youth, since they are the future of our sports. 
For ideas how see:  for the +ONE movement.
Some points you might use when talking to others:
  • You don’t blame automobiles for drunk driving, why would you blame guns for crime?
  • Bans don’t work.  Simply look at illicit drugs.  How has the war on drugs gone?
  • It is a myth that firearms used in crime come from responsible firearms owners.  There are thousands of illegal firearms in the hands of criminals across the country.  They have been smuggled into the country by criminals for criminal purposes.
  • There are over 2.2 million firearms owners in Canada.  They spend 100’s of millions of dollars each year and support many industries including tourism, retail and manufacturing.  Firearms are a vibrant part of Canada’s heritage.
  • Firearms owners undergo automatic daily Criminal background checks; it’s built into the RCMP Canadian Police Information Center computer system.  Even convicted criminals and pedophiles once they have served their sentence are not subject to that same level of ongoing scrutiny.
  • More Canadian men and women have a firearm license than play golf, hockey, soccer or baseball.
  • Stats Can has recorded that firearms license holders are significantly less likely to commit a crime than the average Canadian.
  • It is a privilege to own a firearm in Canada, and responsible firearms owners respect that and the laws that support it.
  • Responsible firearms owners want safe communities more than anyone. Despite us and our sports being unfairly vilified by the popular press and this liberal government, we demonstrate the safety and responsibility of firearms ownership.
  • Handguns have been restricted and registered since the 1930’s.  Since that time the RCMP has collected the serial number of every handgun ever manufactured or legally imported into Canada.  Canadians are prohibited from owning them unless they undergo a rigorous licensing process.
  • Many Canadians are ignorant (simply don’t know) about firearms, and presume they are evil because of their depiction in popular media, movies, and video games.  We need to personalize firearms as tools of the sports of responsible Canadians.  Tools that used lawfully do no harm to anyone.
  • The term “assault weapon” is a misleading term created by the anti-gun lobby.  In fact, the worldwide industry definition of “assault rifle” requires 3 specific characteristics of the firearm to be classified as such:
    1. Capable of select fire, meaning it can alternate between full-automatic (single trigger press = multiple bullets fired) and semi-automatic (single trigger press = single bullet fired)
    2. Capable of accepting high-capacity magazines.
    3. Uses an intermediate rifle cartridge (defined broadly as any cartridge case with a capacity of 1.75–2.79 l including 5.56 NATO and 7.62x39 cartridges)
There are no firearms meeting all 3 criteria legally saleable in Canada or the USA.  Further in Canada, magazine capacity for center fire rifles is limited to 5. (Not high capacity).  In other words, “Assault Rifles” are not available in Canada.
IPSC Ontario Board of Directors,

On behalf of a concerned member.

Please, GO VOTE!


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