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The Sportsmens Club Galt is a supporter of our local community and makes frequent contributions to various organizations such as the local hospital, heart and lung foundations, cancer research etc. on behalf of our members.

Annually, the Club sponsors a fishing event for critically ill children providing a fun afternoon for them and their parents and affording a brief opportunity to escape the pressure of their illness. The club also makes a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation on their behalf and will send a family to DisneyWorld if enough funds are generated.

For the last six years, the Club has proudly volunteered its facilities, services and staff to sponsor a clay target shooting event for the Foundation for Children’s Cancer. It also provides the targets for the event at no charge and the Kent ammunition company provides the ammunition which is both expensive and hard to obtain because of the pandemic. Many of our members voluntarily participate to provide assistance and ensure safety.The event in 2022 generated net income to the Foundation of $320,000 bringing total net revenue in excess of $1,700,000 over the last 6 years.


The Galt Sportsmens Club is a leader with respect to firearm safety. All shooting ranges have large berm backstops and shrouds to catch projectiles and have baffles installed to control the gun’s muzzle so that projectiles can not be fired over the berm and leave the property. The Club also employs safety officers to ensure safety practices are being observed.

The Club takes the safety of its members and the community seriously and complies will all recommendations proposed by the Chief Firearms Office (CFO). The Club is considered to be a leader with respect to the safety of its ranges and is held out as an example by the CFO for other shooting clubs.

To decrease the level of sound leaving the ranges, the Club has installed reflective berms and planted a large number of trees to disperse and decrease sound. We measure sound levels at our property boundaries to ensure we do not exceed accepted norms for Canadian Gun clubs.

Any Changes to the ranges or property are managed by obtaining the appropriate permit and discussing any changes with the Grand River Conservation Authority to confirm they are acceptable.


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